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Frequently Asked Questions: Write a Screenplay

Got questions? Don't worry, we can help! Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding our Movie in a Month course!

Movie in a Month What is the "Movie in a Month" course?
 Who is James Lamberg? Who else contributed?
 What does this screenwriting course contain?
 How quickly will I receive my package?
 Tell me more about your 100% guarantee!
 I have more questions. Who can I ask?

Q. What is the "Movie in a Month" course?

A. The "Movie in a Month" course is a revolutionary new system that enables you to quickly and easily write your screenplay - using a simple writing system that removes all of the "guessing", confusion and writer's block that usually occurs when most people begin a screenplay!

It's a SYSTEM for writing a SCREENPLAY. And it works every single time!

With the course, you'll soon learn the secrets to writing your own screenplay in just 28 days - or less. And it's all written in the inimitable style of screenwriter James Lamberg.

The main Movie in a Month course is over 150 pages long - and ships with a bonus guide to formatting your screenplay, a dictionary of industry jargon, an insider's black book of contacts, a special plotting supplement, FULL screenwriting software, and 850+ multi-million dollar Hollywood scripts!

The entire course is shipped on CD-ROM. It works with Windows and Mac computers, however the screenwriting software requires Microsoft Windows.

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Q. Who is James Lamberg? Who else contributed?

A. James Lamberg is the "stage name" of a well-known screenwriter, who resides in the UK yet works primarily with the States. He is man behind over thirty scripts and films, including "Mindworks" and "Time."

There's no doubt about it: James knows almost everything there is to know about writing your own screenplay - and getting it made into a MOVIE!

James wrote the "Movie in a Month" course with two of his favorite colleagues: Californian screenwriter Steven Wanamaker, and UK screenwriter, Mark Lewin from the Wordmeister site.

To learn more about the celebrities that have benefited from the course, read the testimonials page.

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Q. What does this screenwriting course contain?

A. The "Movie in a Month" course contains EVERYTHING you need to write your very own screenplay - in just 28 days, OR LESS!

If you decide to purchase the "Movie in a Month" course today, you'll receive:

The ENTIRE “Movie in a Month” Course – Uncover the secrets of writing your Hollywood blockbuster in just 28 days – or LESS! Covers EVERYTHING you need to know – blasting the MYTHS and uncovering the SECRETS the OTHER screenwriters DON’T want you to know!
BONUS #1: The ULTIMATE PLOTTING GUIDE – Read Steven Wanamaker’s advice on creating a super-successful plot that LA agents will love – and your movie viewers will remember for all time!
BONUS #2: FORMATTING Your Screenplay Like a PRO – Don’t let “INT”, “EXT” – and strange margins - confuse you. Mark Lewin unveils ALL the formatting secrets you need to know – MINUS all the confusing language.
BONUS #3: The Screenwriter’s Guide to INDUSTRY JARGON – The movie industry is filled with weird terms designed to scare away newbie screenwriters. Mark Lewin decodes EVERYTHING for you.
BONUS #4: My PERSONAL BLACK BOOK of CONTACTS – Over 150 pages CRAMMED with personal names, e-mail addresses and Web site links of the BEST people in the business. PLUS: The screenplay competitions you WILL want to enter! (If it’s NOT on this list, it’s probably a SCAM!)
SUPER BONUS #1: Screenplay Writing SOFTWARE! – Save HOURS and ensure your screenplay sticks to industry standards! You’ll receive a FULL version of this popular screenplay writing software that does ALL the hard work for you!
SUPER BONUS #2: Over 850 FULL MOVIE SCRIPTS!! – This is one AWESOME bonus. You’ll receive hundreds of FULL scripts that went on to gross MILLIONS at the box office. Study them – and replicate their success. It’s EASY – and WHAT a FANTASTIC FREEBIE!
JUST ADDED - FREE MEGA BONUS: Interview with Syd Field – Listen to an interview with the man that CNN calls the "Guru of All Screenwriters." Discover how to make it big in Hollywood, as Syd Field chats for over 45 minutes about breaking into the industry. AMAZING!

The entire course is shipped to you on CD-ROM and all of the documents are distributed in PDF format. You may wish to print each document out at your own convenience.

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Q. How quickly will I receive my package?

A. We ship all of our packages immediately from our UK warehouse. Your "Movie in a Month" course should take a few days to arrive within the UK, or around a week for the USA and other countries. But don't worry if it goes missing - we'll ship you another, free of charge!

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Q. Tell me more about your 100% guarantee!

A. We guarantee you'll be absolutely thrilled with the entire course - or we'll buy it back from you! Seriously! We PROMISE you'll land your first BIG movie contract within 12 months. If you don't, or you're unhappy for any other reason, just send it back within that time - and we'll refund every single cent you originally paid. NO questions asked!

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Q. I have more questions. Who can I ask?

A. We provide 24/7 assistance via our dedicated support site at Our team is available around-the-clock to help with your queries. So if you have extra questions, please click here to contact us. We promise to respond to all messages within one business day, however our typical response time is just four hours.

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